Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 3198 and Pos. SN - Inst: 8", f6, Newtonian

Thanks for the feedback Lew - I  just hope I had my directions (e.g., Np) right!
I had found VSNet and ISN during my web research, and also downloaded the very
useful VSNCht freeware program, which plots star mags around the object in
question. This software helps to identify the reported position of SN (and other
variable and cataclysmic stars) and should help develop my estimating skills for
star magnitudes.
I hope to start using Jeff Bondono's dObjects software to report my observations
- I just need to discipline myself to transfer my fieldbook notes into the
BTW, thanks for the tip about hard carriage returns in the web form - looooong
emails can be very difficult to read!
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