Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 3198 and Pos. SN - Inst: 8", f6, Newtonian

Thanks for an OUTSTANDING first observation, Ed! I enjoy your logging
style, and
I'm sure many of our readers appreciate your star-hopping tips for each
As for your attempt to see the SN, you may wish to report such negative
(and any
future positive) observations to the International Supernova Network! On
the Web:
And see also the very informative Web pages from the Japanese list "VSNET":
PS: Be careful with line breaks on the IAAC Web Observing Form. You must
your own carriage returns! Otherwise, even though your paragraphs look nicely
formatted on the Web interface, they will come across in your emails as verrry
verrrrry long single lines of text. Sorry about this little gotcha...
Clear skies, and happy hunting!
Lew Gramer
At 09:33 AM 05/05/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Two 11-12 mag * were perpindicular to long axis of 3198, extending to Np
>Two ft *, 14/15 mag, were vis with AV to the S. No sight of the possible SN,
>just above those 2 ft *.
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