Re: (IAAC) Sentinel Arizona Star Gaze (Delmarva Stargaze V)

LaMont Cranston wrote:
> Dave,
> Where were you set up at Star Gaze & which scope was yours? I was also
> there and missed most of what clear skies there were.
> Harold Williams
You must have turned in very early.
Since I did not decide to go until 11:20 a.m. on Friday I didn't have enough time
to load my 12.5" Dob (a major production, believe me) so I took my 80mm Orion
ShortTube (as I said in the first message) instead.  Four of us traveled from
Harrisburg in a large van  that was parked, along with a pop-up camper, by the
northern treeline opposite the pavilion, just north of Kent Blackwell's 25".
I spent a lot of time with Kent and Roy Diffrient on Friday night.  The early part
of Saturday night I walked from one telescope to the next and finally ended the
night with Kent and Roy.
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