Re: (IAAC) rating transparency with naked eye

>I will certainly take a look at your page, later this week.
>Trying to catch up with email right now.
I have made the announcement before installing the page so that is why some
of you had "error 404" while trying to reach it. But now the problem is
solved as I have checked it.
>I use the width and brightness of the Milky Way and just
>a general impression to rate the transparency of the night.
>Not very scientific, but I do have a consistent (my eye)
>rating over the years.
Well, I believe this method to be more valuable concerning deep sky
observing because its reference is a nebulous object. With the limiting
magnitude estimate, the rating seems to "permitting" for I have had
experiences of quite similar LM (at about 6) and still different viewing
conditions on DS objects: haze seems to leave naked eye stars quite
unimpressed and are devastating for faint fuzzies.
>Clear Skies (what does that mean?)
>Steve Coe
Well, for me, it means "enough transparent to show natural skyglow".
So, clear skies to all, yann.
Yann Pothier
11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
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