(IAAC) Rini Eyepieces

I doubt if too many people would be interested in this but perhaps there
are a few. I was at a weekend star party on the eastern shore of
Maryland the last few days. One of the vendors was selling eyepieces
that people were buying as fast as he could unpack them. At the end of
the star party, he had a few left and another vendor bought all of them.
They are Rini Modified Plossl eyepieces if that means anything to
anyone. I haven't had much of an opportunity to use them but what I've
seen is impressive. In 1 1/4", they range from 14mm to 52mm. In 2" they
range from 32mm to 100mm. The most expensive 1 1/4" was $25.00. The
highest priced 2" was $40.00. I don't really know much about this
product. But, the price caught my eye. I normally believe that if it's
too good to be true, it probably is. In this case, I'm still thinking
about it. 
What I do know about the person who was selling them is that his name is
Paul Rini and has been a professional optician for 14 years. He makes
eyepieces mostly as a hobby. 
If anyone is interested, I have some literature about the eyepieces that
I could scan and email to you. 
If anyone has any information about these eyepieces, I'd like to hear
it. I'm still trying to make my mind up about what I have. I figured
getting 4 eyepieces for $65.00 couldn't hurt me too bad so it was worth
a shot.
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