(IAAC) The 'netastrocatalog' Mailing Lists have *MOVED*

As many of you may have noticed, the 'netastrocatalog' list has not been working
for over a week now. This was due to resource conflicts between MajorDomo and
the corporate computers at my firm. As a result, I was forced to find another
home for 'netastrocatalog', and for the other key lists hosted at my firm.
Now, thanks to the generous support of Brewster LaMacchia's network services
firm 'Jovian.com', these lists have been successfully relocated! Henceforth,
please note that the address you should send all IAAC Observing Log posts to is
'netastrocatalog@jovian.com'. Likewise, the address for all other posts related
to the Deep Sky is 'netastrocatalog-announce@jovian.com'. These messages will
all continue to be archived on the Web at the same site as they always have:
Please take a moment now to change all your personal mail aliases for the list
to point to this new domain. Also, if you want to automatically subscribe or
unsubscribe, *PLEASE* use the new MajorDomo address 'majordomo@jovian.com'.
If you have any questions about this move, or about anything else to do with the
lists, please feel free to email me at 'owner-netastrocatalog@jovian.com'.
Thank you very much for your patience... Now talk amongst yourselves. :)
Lew Gramer
To UNSUBSCRIBE from the 'netastrocatalog' lists, use the Web form at: