Re: (IAAC) Me 2-2 (PK 100-08.1; PK 100-8 1; PN G100.0-08.7) - 8" F/10

>Good lord, Yann - It's very obvious you get paid to stay up all night! :)
>Thanks for yet another wonderful batch of deeeeeep sky observations: it seems
>you are specializing particularly in planetary nebulae these days?
Well, I keep separate files of PN and other DS objects so for the moment I
am concentrating on PN but when sufficient angry mails will tell me to stop
:-)) I will go back to clusters and galaxies...
>By the way, I had a couple of questions on your logs: Is "Me" a
>designation for
>a "Merrill" catalog of planetaries? Are there many of these? I'm wondering
>if I
>should add "Merrill" to the list of Catalogs on the IAAC Web site.
I can only find a dozen of Merril's PN in Hynes Catalog. I think that while
doing spectroscopic researches in found a lot of PN mimics such as WR
stars, Be stars and so on, that is stellar objects having spectral features
similar to PN, so he classified them as PN and a lot were later found to be
other objects. That's why so few Merril's nebula remain.
clear skies, yann.
Yann Pothier
11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
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