(IAAC) Walter Lunar Ray - I know it's not deep-sky

(This time I am intentionally sending shallow sky stuff to the IAAC list
in case anyone of you is interested in seeing a fairly rare event.)
Attention lunar observers with clear skies (and that doesn't include me
unfortunately): The Walter Sunset Lunar Ray should be visible on Monday
morning sometime around 8:42 UT.  I had hoped to get some photos of this
phenomenon but a winter storm is currently hitting central Pennsylvania.
Please let me know if you are successful.
For further information on the Walter Ray see my article "Discovering
the Walter Sunset
Lunar Ray" in the ASH newsletter Stardust (http://www.msd.org/ash.htm),
Lunar Discovery (at http://www.msd.org/ash.htm), and the 1999 lunar ray
prediction section of Rob Robinson's lunar page
On Saturday night after first viewing some of the triple stars mentioned
in the article in the March 1999 S & T article and logging 3 new
Herschel 400 galaxies I observed the rising moon for about an hour.  (So
I lied, there is some deep-sky content in my message.)  At 07:10 UT I
think I may have stumbled onto another previously unknown lunar sunset
ray, or at least a "psuedo-ray", near the crater Azophi (in the area
label G on chart 56 of the Rukl atlas).
Dave Mitsky
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