Re: (IAAC) NGC 4216

At 10:16 AM 2/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello, Nick. I'm Kent Blackwell in Virginia Beach, VA USA.  I last looked
>at N4216 with a 12-1/2" f/6 back in March of 1992, and remember seeing it
>as gorgeous in my 6" f/6 Celestron Newtonian telescope.  What a wonderful
>area surrounding it as well.  Page 193 of my Uranometria is filled with
>notes.  Great field around this stunning galaxy.
>I just observed the Witchead Nebula in Eridanus last night.  It's eluded me
>previously, but managed to see it at 90x with my 16" f/6.2 and a Lumicon
>Deep Sky filter.  Normally I like the OIII filter, but the Deep Sky was
>best on this.  Looks like a faint California Nebula.
>Kent Blackwell
>Virginia Beach, VA
Hi Kent,
Nice to hear from you. 
Sounds like a fascinating object the Witchead do you have an NGC/ IC for it
as the name isn't in Megastars data base and I may get a clear night.
Clear skies
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