RE: (IAAC) eyepiece suggestions

Before you rush out to buy those 2 inch eyepieces, what are you using for a
If you are using the standard Meade 2 inch diagonal which screws into the
visual back with a mating ring, may I suggest you seriously consider
converting to a refractor style diagonal such as those offered by Lumicon,
Televue or Astrophysics? Each of these diagonals is a very good performer.
More importantly, since they are not screwed into the back of your scope,
you are free to orient the diagonal to your best advantage. Additionally, in
order to use a refractor style diagonal, you'll have to use an adapter of
some sort (sold by Lumicon and Televue) to make the physical connection.
The advantage of this approach is that during cold weather, the Meade (or
Celestron) mating ring which screws onto the scopes' visual back will tend
to bind, making changing the orientation of your diagonal difficult, if not
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