(IAAC) [SHALLOW] Brief Lunar Observations, 1/30 and 2/4/99 UT

During my last two observing sessions I spent a few minutes on the
rising moon after first working on the 33 Doubles in Orion project
On 1/30 the nearly full "blue" moon had relatively little to offer but
at 324x (20mm Meade Widefield) with a 17" f/15 classical Cassegrain (see
http://www.msd.org/obs.htm) I was able to garner some tasty views of
Schiller (the "footprint" crater), Phocylides, and Nasmyth.
Wargentin looked as good as I have ever seen it and there was an
interesting shadow which highlighted the "peace symbol" within this
"filled to the brim" crater.
Aristarchus was ablaze with light.  Herodotus, Schiaparelli, and two
craters further to the west and thus nearer the terminator, Seleucus and
Briggs, were seen to good effect.  Some hilltops to the southwest of
Briggs were eerily illuminated.
Grimaldi sported some very interesting shadows and the area around
Cruegen caught my eye.
On 2/4 I viewed the moon's opposite limb using the same telescope and
magnification.  The central peaks of Petavius and Langrenus were
striking.  Bright Proclus and the rays of Messier A and B captured my
One of my favorite lunar features, some hills to the north of Cleomedes
that form a distinctive shape not unlike a tomahawk or a physician's
reflex hammer, was easily seen.  After viewing a few more craters
further to the north I called it a night.
Dave Mitsky
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