(IAAC) NDSOS and IAAC - An Invitation to Collaborate

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>Cc: netastrocatalog-announce@latrade.com,
>        Alan Goldstein <deepskyspy@aol.com>,
>        Art Russell <artrussell@mindspring.com>,
>        Lew Gramer  <owner-netastrocatalog@latrade.com>
>Subject: NDSOS and IAAC - An Invitation to Collaborate
>From: Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@latrade.com>
>Date: Thu, 28 Jan 99 16:40:53 -0500
Hello, my name is Lew Gramer. I'm a fellow deep-sky observer and member of the
National Deep-Sky Observers Society (NDSOS). I'm writing to let you know that
the NDSOS is now affiliated with an Internet-based group of deep-sky observers
known as the Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog. Also, I hope this message
will serve as an invitation to all those in the NDSOS with Internet access, to
participate actively in the IAAC as their own list. And of course, I'd like to
reiterate the standing invitation to all IAAC readers to join, support and/or
contribute to the NDSOS... It's a great organization!
The Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog (IAAC or 'netastrocatalog' for short)
is a forum for amateur astronomers at all levels to share their observations of
Deep-Sky objects. (The 'deep-sky' includes all objects which are NOT members of
our solar system: other galaxies, star clusters, gaseous nebulae, doubles, and
variable stars are all deep-sky objects here). Note that the netastrocatalog is
a *catalog of amateur observations*, not a sales catalog of any kind!
The netastrocatalog was founded in response to a discussion on the Usenet
newsgroup sci.astro.amateur in May 1996. The catalog encompasses submissions
from observers at all levels, with instruments ranging from the naked eye to the
largest amateur observing instruments! It is designed as an Internet resource
for amateur observers, to compare and contrast their observations with those
made using similar equipment at similar sites around the world.
The affiliation between NDSOS and IAAC will hopefully provide benefits to
Internet-connected NDSOS members in a number of different ways. First, using
IAAC the NDSOS Coordinators may occasionally make announcements of general
interest to the entire amateur Deep Sky community. Second, the IAAC will provide
a direct forum for new and prospective members of the NDSOS to find answers to a
whole range of questions related to Deep Sky observing. Finally the IAAC will
provide a real-time forum for NDSOS observers at all levels with access to the
Internet, to share their own observing experiences in an informal, but still
widely read environment. We believe this last benefit will naturally complement,
and also feed into, the NDSOS's long-standing print and Web publications.
To find out more about the IAAC, please see our Web Archive at:
Of if you are interested in joining the IAAC or have any questions about it,
feel free to contact me at the address above!
IAAC readers, please check out the NDSOS Web site for more info at:
Clear skies to all, and a restful Full Moon!
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@latrade.com>
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