(IAAC) Re: Sh2 242 (and DG 83)

> If I'm missing something, please let me know of any comments or
> questions.  Also please send a copy of your message to me directly, as
> I'm getting only the digest version of the netastrocatalog-announce
> messages.
Well, in re-reading my message, I see one mistake already.  I forgot to
discuss the identity of DG 83.
The DG catalogue lists DG 83 at (1950.0) 5 48.3 +27 02, and gives a size
of 3' x 3' (blue) and 9' x 9' (red).  This is at almost the same place
and the same size as for DG 84 (5 48.3 +27 01; 3' x 3' (blue), 8' x 8'
(red).  But as I explained in my last message, there clearly is only one
object here.  It appears that D & G simply listed the same object twice.
This seems particularly likely since they also list the POSS print for
each of their discoveries - and they are _different_ for these two
objects.  I.e. they discovered DG 83 on print +30d 5h 38m, and DG 84 on
print +24d 5h 38m.  This means they saw only _one_ object on each print
- but just never noticed they were one and the same object.
So to revise my listing from the last message:
Name: Sh2 242
Aliases: DG 83, DG 84, LBN 826, LBN 827, LBN 182.30+0.07, LBN 182.41+0.27
Position (2000.0): 05 51.9 +27 01 (Sharpless's)
Diameter: 8' (measured from DSS)
- Brent
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