Re: (IAAC) FW: Sh2-242 et al.

Based on what Murray wrote, Owen, I'd say you're probably correct that Sh2-242
is unrelated to Simeis 147. For one thing (although this is just from my faulty
memory!), I believe Simeis 147 is thought to be a supernova remnant, whereas the
Sharpless object always seems to be mentioned as an HII region. However, due to
the general uncertainty about Sh2-242, and the very large and complex shape of
the SNR, I wonder if it's worth considering that they might be related? (But
then I don't have access to any of the papers Simbad mentions - could be that
the spectrum of Sh2-242 is already well studied, and it ain't no SNR!)
Clear skies,
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