Re: (IAAC) Object: Sharpless 2-242 (LBN 826) - Instrument: 18" F4.9 Dob

This was an interesting one, Art - I couldn't find Sh 2-242 anywhere in the
on-line catalogs I use, though SIMBAD turned up several references. Also, your
position is pretty close to Sh 2-241: I wonder if the two objects are related at
all? It was interesting that your object is classified as a reflection nebula,
but still responded slightly to OIII and Hbeta filters: I wonder if this might
be a misclassification? (In fact, the articles SIMBAD came up with were mostly
related to galactic HII regions or molecular clouds!) NEAT STUFF...
(BTW, your format was just fine: it was just sent to the wrong address! The
'netastrocatalog-announce' address is for general discussions, while the
'netastrocatalog' address is for all and only the actual deep-sky logs. Makes it
easier for other amateurs to search through the logs later that way, as does
putting your instrument aperture in the Subject line.)
Clear skies, Art, and share some more mystery objects with us soon!
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