Re: (IAAC) OBJECT: M3 (Globular Cluster) & CCD images

>>BETTER than any photograph (almost as bright too- including my
>>own m3 photo currently at http://www.weatherman.com/edf.htm)
>Great logs as always, Todd. And these were a nice set of images, too! By the
>way, how have you found the Starlight CCD to work for deep-sky imaging? I've
>long been hoping they would come up with some effective competition for
SBIG, to
>drive down CCD camera prices just a bit!
Lew is referring to :
and in particular http://www.weatherman.com/edf.htm
I love the camera for it's color capabilities, although it is tough (to get
on globulars, where the crush of stars causes some errors which one has to
look out for. 
The turning point for this unit may be in the spring, the owner Terry Platt
to have found a way to get the scope to autoguide using the same chip. It 
may not have to include a hardware upgrade, I am not sure. The failing of
the camera 
in my opinion as it stands now is it's lack of self guiding, which is
important for the 
dimmer objects. My photos may look nice, but they are generally of the
brighter NGCs and Messiers.
the chip size is fairly large, but the ST7 has both a larger chip, and of
course the self -guide
feature at this time. 
Apparently, the dark noise is less and the evenness of illumination is
actually better on the MX5
from starlight than the SBIG units. Not sure why. I think SBIG has
addressed this issue with some 
new releases (?). All in all, it is a much more cost effective unit but I
am eagerly awaiting the possible upgrade on guiding, and also awaiting an
ST7 to play around with and see how I like.
Thanks for keeping this running so smoothly lew! 
Boston Meteorologist Todd Gross
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