Re: (IAAC) Is the chat still on?

Dear friends,
In our "33 in Orion observing project" there was a scheduled chat last sunday at 20:30 UT. I was there from about 20:05 to 20:45 waiting alone for more people, and it seems that Dave was also there. I suspect that Delphi's technology for chatting (www.delphi.com) is far from perfect. I'll think about better ways to establish future chats.
Anyway this international observing project is a wonderful success. Every double star in the list has been observed several times and I think our Web results page is the more serious amateur study of double stars in Orion actually on the Internet.
The closing date is February, 15th, so yet there is room enough for new participants and observations.
Last, but not least, I have the pleasure to announce that there will be another "33 doubles observing project" this spring in constellation Leo. Please, e-mail me for more details.
The results page from the "33 doubles in Orion" can be reached at:
Clearest skies:
Luis Arguelles
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>:Well, it's 20:30 UT and I don't seem to see any activity on the 33 Doubles
>Chat Room.  What's up?
>:Dave Mitsky
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Sorry, I meant to send this to Luis (and did so afterwards).  He had set up
a chat on the 33 Doubles in Orion project for 3:30 p.m. EST but there were
some problems apparently.
Dave Mitsky
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