(IAAC) The National Deep Sky Observers Society

The National Deep Sky Observers Society (NDSOS) is looking for deep sky
gazers! This group has been around since 1976. A small organization, we have
been publishing our 8 - 12 page journal "Betelgeuse" since August, 1976.
Articles cover all aspects of deep sky objects and observing. 
Members also receive "The Practical Observer" published quarterly.  Our Data
Coordinator can provide you with information on ANY deep sky object in the
sky. We have a network of observers around the globe - great for corresponding
with others who have interests like yours.
Dues are $24 per year. You can get more information from our web site:
Contact the undersigned for more information and to receive a complementary
issue of "Betelgeuse."
Clear skies,
Alan Goldstein
National Coordinator
The National Deep Sky Observers Society
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