Re: (IAAC) Re: Asterisms

>This goes to my question about protocol: Is this an official list of
>asterisms? Does such an official list exist or are qe free to discover
>our own asterisms? If the latter, how can one verify that verify that
>he/she is the first and that this pattern underconsideration has not
>already been described?
AFAIK there is no official listing. I think that original discoveries has
to reproted to and published in magazines. Harrington has done so in S&T,
there has been some asterisms decribed in Betelgeuse (US deep sky magazine)
and some in Ciel Extreme (french deep sky mag.). So the only way to claim
"discovery" is to operate as professionnals do, verify and publish (even if
these asterisms have no physical reality and thus are of no interest for
astronomical knowledge).
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