(IAAC) Re: Asterisms

William et.al,
I can easily see your asterism in a 15cm. Newtonian, as I loked at it
15mins. ago, and you should add it to the netcat ASAP. (I also looked at
Epsilon Canis Majoris - a neat white and yelowish pair, separated by
c.7"sec.arc. at PA~160 degrees. 
As mention previously, this is part of my imaginative "The Dog's Tail"
mentioned before, which I failed to mention is about 3.5 degrees in
Just one comment. I read in the ye'old Norton's Star Atlas on asterisms,
and it states there are 147 asterisms in the sky - which has been in
each edition since the 1930's. I know of the asterisms mentioned in
Richard Allen's "Star Names - their lore and meaning.", but they most
seem just random mentions of stars.
Does anyone know the origin of Norton's list? and does a "standard" list
exist in any publications.
Andrew James
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