(IAAC) Re: Bode Numbers Applied to Southern Stars

I have been writing some text generally on Southern Stars - specfically
of James Dunlop at Parramatta Observatory in New South Wales. Unlike
most of the northern constellations, southern constellations south of
-30 degrees south generally do not have similar "Flamsteed Numbers" for
stars, which makes identification of the some star slightly difficult.
Within James Dunlop's Catalogue he mention frequently "Bode Stars" ie 67
Muscae, near the planetary NGC5189.
Does anyone know where these "Bode Numbers" originate and are listed, or
has anyone has seen them listed in a different Catalogues? (Note they
are casually mention in the introduction of Richard Allan's "Star
Names...", but a more modern listing does't seem to exist.)
Any suggestions or direction ????
Andrew James
PS: Lew: Thanks for the asterism references.
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