Re: (IAAC) Asterisms

Howdy folks;
I have an observation of Collinder 140, which I have called
"The Tuft in the Tail of the Dog" for years.  An obvious,
naked eye grouping.  It is at  7hr 24min and -32 12.
Is this it?
Col 140 is a very large open cluster I have called The Tuft in the
tail of the dog. There is a naked eye fuzzy spot at the end of the
tail of Canis Major.  I have found it to be an excellent area with the
binoculars.  It includes a wide double, Dunlop 47, which is 5.3 and 7
mag, sep 99 ", which I see as blue and light yellow in the telescope
at 100X.
Steve Coe
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