Re: (IAAC) Object: NGC2362 (OC) INST: 85mm APO refractor f/7

Todd Gross wrote:
> >NGC 2362 is one of my favorite open clusters.  I love the three dimensional
> >effect of stars fading into infinity that observing this cluster in large
> >aperture telescopes invokes.
> >
> >Dave Mitsky
> >
> I wonder why I had never heard of it before Dave? Have I had my head in the
> sand?
> Even at 85mm I gave it a personal rating of A- (I give ratings to alert
> myself in the future
> which objects impressed me and I may want to show to others) which is very
> high, I usually
> give out Bs to the nice objects.
> thanks!
> -Todd
Well, considering the thousands upon thousands of DSO's available to us it's not
surprising that some of the better ones occasionally slip through the cracks.
BTW, are you selling your 16" Starmaster when you get the 18"?
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