Re: (IAAC) Object: NGC2477(OC) INST: 85mm APO refractor

>    NGC 2362 I've observed from home, but NGC 2477 is a bit too low to get a
>very good look at here.  I've really enjoyed NGC 2477 at the Winter Star
>Party though.  Here's an observation I logged of 2477 and 2451 through an AP
>Traveler with a 35mm Panoptic:
>3-4-95    7:50 PM EST    Seeing: good    Transparency: good
>    These open clusters make a stunning wide field pair.  NGC 2451 shows ~
>45 fairly bright to faint stars dominated by one pretty, orange 4th mag gem
>in the center.  The cluster is large an loose, spanning a little under one
>degree.  NGC 2477 presents a lovely contrast as a rich, dense group of
>tightly packed, faint pinpoints of light growing more concentrated toward
>the center.  The group is about one half degree in diameter.
>Clear skies,  Sue
Has anyone noticed the similarity of NGC 2451 and NGC 2477 to M47 and M46
respectively in northern Puppis?  I also had some great views of these fine
open clusters from the WSP as well as from aboard the MS Veendam back in
Dave Mitsky
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