Re: (IAAC) Object: NGC2477(OC) INST: 85mm APO refractor

>Well, 2477 is another of my Winter favorites, a Puppis version
>of 7789 in Cassiopeia.  
very nice comparison, yes.
>Lots of stars in a rich Milky Way
>field.  Here is an observation with the 13 inch.  Should
>be up nicely by 1:00 AM or so, for those of us planning an
>observing trip around Christmas.
>NGC 2477  Bright, large, very, very rich, very compressed. 180
>total members estimated by counting 45 stars in the northeast
>quadrant at 100X.  There are many lovely dark lanes that wind
>there way through several star chains and an ever-present glowing
>background of more stars.  There are two round dark markings in
>the cluster on the south side and nice, wide double star on the 
>north edge.  I can resolve 20 stars in the 11X80 finder.
that's some finder! I couldn't resolve it in a 12x50 pair of binocs.. I
think I was starting
to resolve it (from my recollection) through the TV85 at 20x, but skies
were LM 4.5 or worse.
Thanks!   -Todd
Todd Gross
Boston Meteorologist
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