Re: (IAAC) Object: NGC2362 (OC) INST: 85mm APO refractor f/7

Steve, this is much appreciated. I was really surprised by this cluster.
Even though it is
visible here in the north (i'm back now) .. I never strove to see it in the
cold. I am just about
to get my 18", and was curious as to how it looks in larger aperture.
At 04:57 PM 12/3/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Glad to see that you are getting some southern goodies
>observed with in the Bahamas.  Hope you are having fun.  Here is
>an observation of 2362 with my 13".
>NGC 2362 pretty bright, pretty large, somewhat compressed, round at
>165X. Tau CMA and about 45 stars.  Tau has dark band around it, then
>cluster members.  Tau has two companions that form almost a straight
>line.  Tau  is white, the two comes are bluish and both are on one
>side of Tau.  Having a bright triple star in the center of a cluster
>is quite unique and I return to this object often. 
>Lots of fun;
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