Re: (IAAC) New - ish

Just another comment on magnification with 4.5" scopes.  My first scope was a
Tasco 4.5", so I'm not sure how well this applies to a Celestron.  I expect
Celestron optics are much better than the Tasco equivalent.  Anyhow, I found
that the only really uselful magnifications for DS objects were up to abou x90
(this was using a Barlow).  Otherwise, the exit pupil became immeasurably
small, and any movement of the head, or scope in the wind, would make you lose
sight of the image.  In addition, higher magnifications had terrible effects
on the image brightness, so galaxies would just disappear.  If I were you,
Bill, stick to the lower magnifications.
Incidently, the best view of the Crab Nebula I ever had was through my 4.5".
It's never looked the same since I upgraded, albeit with very poor skies
As far as the mount for these small telescopes goes, if it has adjustable
legs, try and keep them as low as possible, and try to hang a counterweight
(perhaps a bucket of sand) between the legs.  I found this increased the
stability enormously, and made finding objects that little bit easier.
Best regards,
Paul Haworth.
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