(IAAC) Well now THERE'S a point!

Thought you all would enjoy this fascinating commentary on one of
my observing logs from last year... Watch out for NGC 666! ;>
Clear skies,
Lew Gramer
>Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 20:29:37 EDT
>To: lewkaren@tiac.net
>Subject: A Thought
>I teach metaphysics. Looking at ancient myths and
>documents and comparing them to astronomical and
>anatomical discoveries of our time.
>>From the ancient Coptic school of Alexandria Egypt which
>was actually a Greek institution came the Coptic Key.
>This spoke of finding the origins of life and life beyond what
>we understand.
>A part of the key was the number 4555. The instruction was
>to hold this number close,,,4555.
>In addition in the Book of Daniel we see a strange hand that
>begins to write on a wall and writes the word Mene Mene. The word
>Mene means number. In ancient Greek and Hebrew, each letter
>has a numerical value. The value of Mene is 4555.
>I was thus very interested in your search as it relates to 4565 and
>of course 4555. Interesting that you saw 4555 as featureless. I wonder
>indeed if 4555 could be the source or location of life like ours.
>Thought I would share that with you.
>Thank you
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