Re: (IAAC) IC 434 - 17.5inch F/4.5

>Alternatively the nebulae  could have a high density and the OIII lines
>could  be quenched. I think that is unlikely in these cases. Without
>wishing to plug the Webb soc again there was an article in one of the DSO's
>on other nebulae that could be seen with the H-beta filter out side the
>tradtional four
In fact, its an observing project of its own to search for nebulae that
responds to Hbeta filter and not OIII... I have noticed that some parts of
NGC7635 (Bubble nebula) are responding to Hbeta particularly the Northern
area (the overall nebula is softened ie less contrasty but the northern
area is more evident with sharpened edges); this is a future IAAC log but I
am still submitting the IC files so there is time before NGC 7000+...
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