RE: (IAAC) German magazine Interstellarum

Owen Brazell of the Webb Society recently wrote to announce the demise of
Needless to say, the loss of Interstellarum, a Very Good deep sky magazine,
illustrates for me the need to belong to the Webb Society, NDSOS, or ALPO,
if you have an interest in any of these areas. Without a membership to
support them they inevitabily fail. Suggest that if you aren't a member, you
should consider joining at least one of these organizations, if only to get
their publications. Moreover, you'll occassionally pickup something
interesting along the way as well. Similarly, you might also consider
contributing your efforts in helping out your local astronomy club as well.
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> I think lasting is a moot point here as the webb soc has been going 30 odd
> years and the reasons for folding the QJ and DSO into the same
> magazine was
> that the type of material changed. The ammount of material being published
> is about the same.
> At 16:04 03/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >
> >Why is it that no deep-sky-specific magazines seem to last in the market?
> >Is the target audience (serious deep-sky observers) really that small?
> >
> >The [US] National Deep-Sky Observers Society (NDSOS) seems to have their
> >own perennial problems of funding, and of course we all lament the loss
> >of the old Deep Sky Quarterly and Deep Sky Magazine. Even the venerable
> >Webb Society has folded their two streams of publications into one "DSO"!
> >
> >Lew
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