(IAAC) Discovery references on Einstein's Cross

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Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 08:23:45 -0800
From: Richard Jakiel <deepsky@mindspring.com>
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Subject: Re: Who's Afraid of Einstein's Cross?
deepsky wrote:
> Hi Rich,
>There are reports of the Cross being seen visually.  What is your
>source for the dimensions?  The observers who have been successful
>so far must have had excellent optics and ideal conditions.
> Mark Birkmann
My information and dimensions are from a couple professional references.
I have the discovery paper by Huchra et al., 1985 (1985AJ ...90..691h)
and a later paper by Fitte and Adam 1994 (1994A&A...282...11f). 
Both were downloaded from the ADS as .pdf files.
- Rich
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