Re: (IAAC) Curious object.

I would say it is pretty obviously a piece of hair or a thread that has
been digitised on the plate. There are a number of examples of this. I have
also checked the image in the Strasbourg-ESO catalogue and there is no sign
of this there.
At 12:06 02/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Here it goes attached.
>Wayne French (via Lew Gramer) wrote:
>> Hello Celsom,
>> I don't know if I can answer your question but, please send the
>> picture and I'll take a look.
>> Thanks,
>> Wayne
>> celsom-w wrote:
>> > Observing the PK329-2.2 Planetary Nebula on the Digital Sky Survey I
>> > found what seems to be a failure in a photograph or a thread of gas in
>> > the surroundings of the nebula. The thread, however seems to have a
>> > center on the nebula. Would any of you know what is this object? ...
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