(IAAC) Leonid meteors question

I know that you also run a meteor newsgroup and that you are
an avid meteor observer.  So, I would like your opinion on
the Leonids for this year.  Do you think that the best night
for observing the Leonids from the USA will be the Mon night
to Tues morning, Nov. 16/17  OR the Tues night to Wed. morn,
Nov. 17/18?  
I realize that nobody knows for certain, but I was 
the speaker at a local astronomy club this month and
when asked the question, I said to go out the first night
and see if you get lots of meteors, if not, get a nap and
go out the next night.  That was not a popular answer, but
I told them that meteor showers are notoriously 
So, I would appreciate some input;
Steve Coe

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