Re: (IAAC) Einsteins Cross

>Hello Everyone
> I wonder if anyone has some knowledge of the gravitational lens known
>as Einsteins Cross. I have an opportunity to do some ccd imaging with a
> Thanks in advance
>Michael Wirths (Ottawa Chapter of the RASC)
Hi Michael,
this one is on my observing schedule too but I have not managed to give it
a try even once...
I also have downloaded the DSS image which shows only the galaxy (not
bright but my file is a red exposure...). The cross must be melted in the
I have an image of the HST (a wide field one I believe, I guess you can
find it somewhere at
but the image is full of "noise" and is a mosaic, and its hard to orientate
it compared to the DSS image. Nevertheless the cross is visible as well as
the overall shape of the galaxy (CGCG 378-015, which seems faint at B15.1:).
In fact, I believe I've read somewhere that the distance between the
cross's components are less than 10arcseconds and mags are comprised
between V16.5 and 17.5.
clear skies, Yann.
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