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I think if you want an english journal the Webb society puts out an
excellent quarterly (?) magazine. For North American readers contact John
Isles at jisles@voyager.net anywhere else contact myself at
At 16:57 19/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks for the response. My apologies for the oversight! I should
>have included your journal along with Interstellarum.
>I am aware of "Ciel Extreme," having seen your website as
>announced several months ago on one of the listservers. I'm also
>glad that your excellent site does provide an English
>translation, as my French is limited to about 2 or 3 short
>sentences; much to my loss...
>Clear Skies!
>Art Russell
>Atlanta, Georgia
>Big Dobs - "Size Does Matter"
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>> >Anybody have any recommendations on other journals of use to
>the amateur
>> >community?
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>> >Art Russell
>> Hi all,
>> my first contribution to the lis, but I've been reading very seriously the
>> F/4-F/5 debate, having a F/4.5 dob I will take a half of each opinion...
>> Beeing a "Betelgeuse" (NDSOS) and "The Deep Sky Observer" (Webb Soc), I
>> created about two years ago a deep sky publication here in France; it is
>> called "Ciel Extreme" and issue 10 has been printed out in early July.
>> While the main subject is deep sky observation, it contains some articles
>> on instruments (dobsons of 16", 17.5", 22" and 30" were described in some
>> articles).
>> The magazine is in french and may not be of interest to this list's
>> affiliated contributers but you can read what the project is about at the
>> following web page:
>>   http://pegase.unice.fr/~skylink/publi/cielextreme
>> The main pages are in french but an english version is available at the
>> same index page.
>> Enjoy and clear skies to all big dobs afficionados.
>> Yann Pothier	tel: 01 43 41 43 29
>> 11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
>> Email: ypothier@abi.snv.jussieu.fr
>> Site : http://pegase.unice.fr/~skylink/publi/cielextreme