Re: (IAAC) Obj: M33 (NGC 598) - Inst: 8" F/6 Newton on Alt-az mount

> Not a good object from my site with the 8".
M33 can be an elusive object, Michael, although having found and
recognized it in light-polluted skies is a good achievement!
Also, don't forget that there are a good number of emission ("HII")
features in M33 which have MUCH higher surface brightness than the
rest of the outer halo: these small (and not so small) features will
stand both higher power and an emission filter (DeepSky, UHC, etc.)
very well. For a map of the locations of these objects within the
complex spiral structure of M33, check out the excellent Observing
Handbook and Catalog of Deep Sky Objects, by Luginbuhl & Skiff!
Also, here's a log of M33 with a little 5" refractor from last year:
PS: On your observation of M2, don't be so sure that your "dark lane"
was just an illusion! Many amateurs have logged these "features" in
a variety of globular clusters... They may be an illusion, but if so
they are certainly a shared illusion for many of us. :)
Clear skies,