(IAAC) 33 doubles in Scorpius. The results

Dear IAAC Member,
On 6/21/98 I posted in this forum a note about a new double star observing project. The so called "33 doubles in Scorpius" was a lot of fun and as far as I know it was one of the first international amateur astonomer Internet-based projects with a concise observing goal.
Now, I've finally published the results on the net. You can find them pointing your browser to the following address:
Anyway, we didn't succeed to observe all the set of doubles because Scorpius is one of the most difficult constellations for Northern observers, but I feel that the "soul" of the project has been an enormous success.
Well, now begin a new double star project: "33 doubles in Orion". Again, the goal is to observe 33 double stars in this wonderful winter constellation and of course, the source of data is again the "Celestial Handbook" from Burnham.
Of course, all types of instruments are allowed, from binoculars to giant dobs. You are cordially invited to participate. Only e-mail me at:
Clear skies:
Luis Arguelles