Re: (IAAC) color preception and culture

Lew the Webb handbook Vol 1 does as you suggest have some information on
Colours of double stars including information on classification schemes. It
is a reprint from an article done by a group in the US and includes
attempts at tying down the colours to a standard system
 It is unfortunately now out of print but our North American sceretary John
Isles does have some copies left. he can be reached at 
I am not sure of the US costs and postage. In the UK we may have some from
John shortly in which cases enquiries to me or Bob Argyle ( rwa@ast.cam.ac.uk)
At 13:18 09/10/98 -0400, Lew Gramer wrote:
>>Some disciplines have developed color charts that can be visually
>>compared to some item and the color reported in some formal, often
>>numerical, manner. Unfortunately, I cannaot readily think of how this
>>can be applied to visual astronomy, since it requires a direct
>>side-by-side comparison between the object and chart. Maybe it might be
>Actually William, if I remember right, the Webb Society Double Star
>Observing Handbook (don't have publisher info handy at the moment)
>describes a numerical method for rating colors of double stars.
>Anyone here from the Webb Doubles group, who might elaborate?