Re: (IAAC) Barnard's Loop, Naked Eye or Otherwise

Sue and Alan French wrote:
> Dave,
> We were set up right next to Uncle Al.  Did you happen to look at the NA and
> the Pelican through either my Traveler or my hubby's 90mm AP?
> If we both get into WSP this year, wander by and I'll show you Barnard's
> Loop.  It's really quite striking.  This year I intend to sketch M42 while
> I'm down there.  Although the site is not particularly dark, I can see M42's
> arms mett in a complete loop as they sideswipe NGC 1980.
> Clear skies,  Sue
No, I'm sorry to say that I didn't.  Small world and all that...  Had I only
known you were there. :-)
Unfortunately, none of my friends are planning on going to the WSP next year,
although a trip to Chiefland is probably in the making.  I haven't been to the
WSP since '96 and would like to get there again soon.