Re: (IAAC) Nebulosity in The Pleiades

Hi guys,
As I said earlier, I see it on exceptionally transparent nights and usually
gauge the skies by: the amount of yellow stars I can see and: the nebulosity
in the Pleiades.
I think the real thing here is that many well-publicized star field guides
say that the nebulosity is NOT visible with amateur telescopes.  This is
absolutely wrong.
But the best, Robert Burnham Jr, says in his "Celestial Handbook" that
< in 7x50 BINOCS>
"In a dark sky the 8 or 9 bright members glitter like an array of icy blue
diamonds on black velvet; the frosty impressino is increased by the nebulous
haze which swirls about the stars and reflects snow crystals."
So there you have it!
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:Sounds like you saw the nebulosity to me, Paul.  You did exactly what I do
:when looking for it, but not sure if it's haze or nebulosity - turn the
:scope to other stars (the brighter the better) and see if they are hazy as
:well.  I find the M45 nebula to be an easy object with my C-8 on most
:nights.. especially the area near Merope.
:Eric Greene
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:I was just about to send the following message when I noticed William's
:message, so I guess it answers my question, but here it is anyway....
:Dear All,
:Last night I had a look at M45 simply to wallow in the darkness of the
:night, in my 220mm Newtonian.  I immediately noticed a glow around the
:main six stars; nothing bright, but an unmistakable haze particularly in
:the immediate vicinity of the stars (ie. not in the centre of the pan of
:the saucepan shape).  I had my suspicions that it might be the
:reflection nebula, but as the sky was getting hazy I thought I'd check
:it wasn't just illuminated atmospheric haze.  So I looked at the stars
:of the Coathanger and the Perseus Double Cluster, and they were crisp
:with no haze.
:So was I seeing the reflection nebula?  I seem to recall Sue French
:saying in a reasonably recent posting that she saw it (I forget the
:context).  I'd be interested if others have seen it, or if they think it
:could still have been atmospheric haze.
:Clear skies,
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