Re: (IAAC) Colour in M27

At 06:18 PM 8/31/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I haven't heard any reports, Nick, but it's certainly not inconceivable! It is 
>after all a planetary (and thus emission-line) nebula, and quite bright!
>However, is it possible the haze you were looking through may have accounted 
>for the color? Did you see any other unusual color effects last night?
>By the way, on the subject of startling colors in nebulae, I have a log
>in my In Box of M20, which should raise some discussions! With any luck (and 
>the Perseids furor FINALLY dying down), y'all should see it this week.
>Clear skies!
No other effects were observed in other nebulae but I will check under
clearer skies. I did not see the green colour so will try for that given a
decent night.
Maybe tonight
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