Re: (IAAC) Can I see the "Stephan's Quintet" with my 8" SCT?

Lord, Todd, are you SURE it was a 4.5"???
And if so, Jeff, how come you haven't shared THAT observing log with us! A feat 
like that would sure be worth advertising, I'd say. :)
BTW, Shin, but there is ONE log of Stephan's in the IAAC so far - from me, with 
a 20" f/5 under fairly dark skies. It's at:
My advice, Shin, is that the best way to find out if it's visible in your 20cm 
is to go to a DARK, DARK sky - and try it! And of course, whether you succeed 
or fail, we hope you'll let us know. :)
Clear skies and good luck!

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