Re: (IAAC) Obj: M45 - Instrument: 4.5

Actually I have a Polaris (Meade resale of Asian scope) 914mm focal length
scope.  I have thought about upgrading the optics to a 1.25" but am
currently holding out for the thought of buying a "new" scope in a couple
of years to upgrade to a larger size.  I will probably cave in sometime in
the near future and do some upgrades to it.
My biggest problem right now is trying to get with a more experienced
person to show me how to coliminate the scope.  I am deathly afraid of
moving those mirrors around and then not being able to get them back into
alignment.  When I follow the handbook instructions it looks pretty much
like the pictures say it should to be right on but the focus is getting
pretty fuzzy around the edges where it was not like that before.
As for design flaws I would be interested in hearing about what you have
found so as to compare them to what I have.
Thanks for your mail.
Don Munson