Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 6826 - Blinking Planetary - Inst: 10" Starsplitter Newtonian

I guess like any other faint extended object, Patrick, different aspects of the 
Blinking will be more or less apparent under different circumstances. In this 
case, it actually sounds like your previous logs with the 4.5" were showing you 
the elongated INNER region of the planetary, whereas in your most recent log 
with the 10", you started to see the OUTER halo - several minutes wide - which 
ever-so-faintly surrounds the commonly seen inner part of the nebula?
In both cases though, Patrick, these were pretty astute observations! And of 
course, I'm going to guess that observing at 8400' would allow you to exercise 
that visual acuity to its utmost, too! :)
Clear skies, and PLEASE keep 'em coming!