(IAAC) Re: (meteorobs) Night Vision Goggles

The recent 'meteorobs' thread on using Night Vision goggles to do naked-eye 
observing has been an interesting one so far!
I just wanted to interject to say that image intensifiers with the right 
characteristics definitely CAN enhance limiting magnitudes circumstances... I 
know this because the "standard" Meteor Video installation, advocated by both 
the IMO and various professional researchers, actually consists of a standard 
camcorder, a simple lens (50mm, 28mm, fisheye, etc), and one Generation II 
non-distorting image intensifier! :)
Also, at the most recent Summer Star Party in the Berkshire Mountains of 
Western Massachusetts, I actually had the pleasure of looking through an "Image 
Intensifier Eyepiece" on a 20" f/6.5 telescope. The II has definite advantages 
for viewing certain types of objects. However, the constant field motion or 
"electronic scintillation", coupled with the distortion and greenish light 
destroying your dark adaptation, can also be a big distraction from viewing 
fine details in many objects.
This makes two cross-posts between IAAC and 'meteorobs' in a week! :) Note that 
a "cross-post" is a mail message sent to more than one mailing list! When you 
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may end up talking to yourself. ;>
Clear (and deep) skies all!
Lew Gramer