Re: (IAAC) Fwd: (meteorobs) LM Star Count vs Milky Way Perception

Sue, you made a vital point - both stellar Limiting Mag *and* extended-object 
perception are very dependent on a person's experience!
Don't discount the wide variation in human perceptions too readily, though. 
Keep in mind that meteor observers normally measure their naked-eye "LM" 2 to 5 
times PER HOUR during a session. And among those blessed with flexible 
schedules and often-clear skies, it's not unusual to log 50, 100, 200, even 
*500* such hours in a year.
George Zay (originator of this thread), is among those who consistently log 
hundreds of hours per year, in George's case for maybe 6 years now. However, it 
IS true both Marco Langbroek and Bob Lunsford are meteor observers who have 
been observing for many more YEARS than George.
I on the other hand am lucky to log 25 hours a year of meteor time, plus a 
comparable number for deep sky observing. So in my case, higher LMs must be 
more often due to high perception than greater experience.
Clear skies all!