Re: (IAAC) Fwd: (meteorobs) LM Star Count vs Milky Way Perception

What methods are folks using to determine limiting magnitude ? Also how do
you handle a site with a severe light dome. For example using the little
dipper to determine limiting magnitude from my home would be a really bad
idea as I have a huge light dome from Columbus Ohio to my north. However by
using Delphinus I can easily see the 4.7 magnitude star at the base of the
Scott Hogsten
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> Subject: (IAAC) Fwd: (meteorobs) LM Star Count vs Milky Way Perception
> Date: Thursday, August 27, 1998 4:14 PM
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> Subject: (meteorobs) LM Star Count vs Milky Way Perception
> I have an interesting paradox that has puzzled me for some while. Perhaps
if I
> explain it here, someone will have some hint as to why this puzzle
> Sometime last year, Marco mentioned that he doesn't start noticing the
> Way until he gets a star count that gives an LM around 6.0. I believe
> Lunsford said something similar? They both often will achieve LM's on
> nights in the upper 6's and above. My normal limiting magnitude that I
can get
> from a very dark sky location from this method is at best around 6.0 to
> In my case, I begin to perceive the milky way when my LM is near 5.2.
> observers can see dimmer stars than I on a routine basis, but don't
notice the
> milky way until they get a 6.0 sky. It puzzles me as to why I can't see
> dimmer stars but am able to perceive the milky way with a brighter sky
> these individuals with the apparent better eyesight. 
> At first I thought that my difficulty would lie in the area that some of
> dim stars in my star count are too close together and I'm not able to
> them for the count. But in some star count areas, there aren't any close
> that would effect my star count that much and still give me an LM near
6.0.  I
> routinely get a near 6.0 sky no matter where I make the count. I assume
it has
> something to with physiology...but can't seem to grasp in what way?
> the overall color of light from the Milky Way is easier for me to
perceive and
> still not able to pick up on dim stars all that much? Any one with any
> as to why?
> GeoZay
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