Re: (IAAC) Re: (meteorobs) LM Star Count vs Milky Way Perception

>Anyone else with stories to tell (or maybe actual science to relate) 
about this 
>effect - either naked eye or at the eyepiece?
No science I'm afraid, but I have often had limiting magnitudes here of 
above 5 (that's very good for the skies I get) and yet from this site I 
have never been able to say without a doubt that 'there is the Milky 
Way'.  During the Summer months it becomes a little easier, but it 
relies heavily on my knowing where it is; it's certainly not striking.
My skies are quite light polluted, so I wonder if perhaps skyglow tends 
to wash out fuzzy objects more so than point objects; I have no problem 
picking out 4th and 5th mag individual stars along the Milky Way.  
Telescopically, the Milky Way always resolves into rich star fields even 
on the worst transparency nights.
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