Re: (IAAC) Fwd: (meteorobs) LM Star Count vs Milky Way Perception

    Chances are that when you see a 5.2 sky and the Milky Way, the more
experienced observers would call it a 6.0 magnitude sky.  LM of faint stars
depends severely on experience, and eyesight.  OTOH, a very large, extended
object like the Milky Way looks about the same to everybody under the same
    I can often see much fainter stars than others observing with me.  When
I get together with other very experienced amateurs, however, they can often
see deeper than I can.  However, when an object is very large it is sensed
by more rods which is much easier for the eye/brain combination to handle.
This pretty much seems to negate the experience and eyesight factors.
Clear skies,  Sue