Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 6822 - Inst: 12.5" f5 Dob

Thanks for the interesting comments about Barnard's Galaxy, Bruce! I have never 
taken the time to explore the constituent objects within n6822 myself - sounds 
like a great project. And thanks for the link to Jim Shields' *EXCELLENT* 
deep-sky Web pages! I'll be exploring them for a while too. :)
BTW, the general rule of thumb (now almost cliche) among deep-sky observers, of 
using higher magnification to increase contrast, may not be TOTALLY appropriate 
for certain objects like this one... I note in a previous log that the optimum 
magnification for perceiving this large, low-surface-brightness object AS A 
WHOLE, was extremely low.
In fact, using higher powers (and thus a narrower annulus of sky around the 
object) actually made it impossible to see! Of course, the HII regions, bar, OB 
associations, and other gross features (including resolved stars) will only be 
accessible at much higher powers. But to perceive this object in its full 
beauty - as E. E. Barnard originally did - do not be too overcome by the 
current craze to view everything at 200x or above. Instead, try a variety of 
filters, magnifications, and *apertures* (including binoculars!) to see what 
YOU perceive as the best view...
Well anyway, here's an observing log I posted to IAAC last year:
Note the mention of brighter direct-vision details - good targets for detailed 
viewing with much higher magnifications and larger apertures. Also keep in mind 
what I neglected to mention - that attempts to see the same view with a higher 
power eyepiece (12mm Nagler, 45x) failed...
What are the experiences of some of our deep sky mavens on the list, with this 
grand-daddy of the Low Surface Brightness galaxies?

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